The harder you try, the harder it is.


With an amplified wave of self improvement sweeping the airwaves, the drive to become a bigger better version of yourself is strong.

We are working on ourselves like a mother trucker! All kinds of new exciting processes to get healthier and connect with your inner self are sgowing up in ways well, that we’re pretty much making up as we go!

It’s exciting times. Who wouldn’t want to better themselves, to become the greatest potential they can possibly be, and then some! More and more people seem to find themselves on a quest for inner greatness, at some degree.

Whether it’s staying healthy and active enough to enjoy the later years in life, or if it’s to conquer the world! We all have desires. I absolutely love seeing the “aha” moments when people realize those desires. It’s one of the best damn reasons I do what I do.

So here’s the thing that I’ve witnessed. In this quest to better oneself, there seems to be a varying degree of struggle involved. My clients will say things like, “I’m working on it.” or “I’m trying, but it’s hard.”

It’s ironic how the harder you try the harder it is.

Think about this. The version of you that you are right now, feels and behaves a certain way. While the version of you you’d like to become, feels and behaves a different way.

Imagine the current version of you for a moment. What do they do, what do they say, how do they act? Now, imagine the improved version of you. What does that version do or say? How does that person interact with others? You can feel the difference, can’t you?

You don’t even really have to know the details of how to be that version. How could you, you’ve never been there before!? You just have to know the direction your headed, and trust your innate intelligence to coordinate the resourcses to get you there.

When you have an active image of yourself in your mind, your body coordinates the resources within you to produce the results of that image. You’ve already felt the effects of that, just from imagining that version.

Your body is constantly responding to the focus of your mind.

When your minds image is of version less that what you really want, and you take action from that perspective, you only have the resources that support that version. The work is always harder with limited resources, and the struggle is real.

When you have an active image of the improved version of yourself, now you have access to the resources that support that version. Now your inspired to be that version, through your body. You literally begin to recieve different thoughts,  which leads to different actions, which leads to a new you!

Seriously, that’s some exciting sh*t right there! There is all kinds of evidence (that I don’t have references for, but that you can google) that support the evidence behind the powerful influence of observation. It’s science.

So, how are you supposed to act like you already are a version that you’re obviously not right now?

Well, that’s something you get to figure out, a way for you to line up with that version. Usually the easiest way is by how it feels. You can imagine what the improved version of you feels like right!? Feels fantastic, feels like relief, just plain feels better!

You can create and maintain the feeling of that version, without it even being here yet, and your body will begin to coordinate the resources to shift you in that direction. It may sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true. That’s the power of the Law of Attraction at it’s best!

The bonus here is that your work in this whole process is actually pretty easy. When you access the leverage of your deliverate focus, you really don’t have to know the deep dark inner workings of your body and mind, or how your goindg to become a new version.

Honestly it’s ALOT of information, that you will probably never really understand anyways. I don’t think we’re meant to.

We have an innate intelligence fot that,  it’s governing the inner workings of our bodies at a cellular level. It’s pretty capable of things and it’s got this! It is however subject to the environment we choose to focus on, being that we have free will and all.

All you have to know is what version are you showing up as today? You will always know by the way it feels. There are basically two feelings to pay attention to, feeling better and feeling worse. Call ’em what you wanna call ’em, but you have a say in which way it goes.

You are literally expanding into a version of yourself you’ve never been before. Your lungs can help you out here every time, they are the embodiment of expansion. As a matter of fact they kind of specialize in it, and would really love to show you what they can do!

Freedom Friday Follow Through: Pay attention to how you feel, and make it your deliberate intent to line up with feeling like the version you prefer.

It’s your superhuman sense to detect which version of you you’re showing up as the most.

If your feeling bad and heavy about the process, take it easy and lighten up. Your not feeling it yet. Feeling good about the process!? Do work, the resources are a pleanty!

All you have to know is that it feels better. From no matter where your standing, you always have the choice to shift focus and feel better.

Allow yourself to gain a new perspective from lightening up a bit. Take some exceptionally expansive deep breaths, dance around, sing at the top of your lungs, go for a walk, take a nap….something!

Line up with what you want and then act. Feel it inside of you first. Then, and only then will you have the leverage to change your life for good.

Tell me in the comments below, do you usually struggle with change or is it easy?

Do you feel overwhelmed, and sometimes even worse by trying to be a better person!?

We’ve all been there, or are there right now!

Join me for a brand new Monday’s Mission! I will be offering a very special Matrix LifeWorks Session to support you in more easily moving in the direction of your desired self!

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Xo – Jayme


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Jayme Gunderson

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