You’re right…and I am also right!


In a world completely jam packed with diversity in options and opinions, it’s almost impossible to take someone else’s word on what the right way is. It’s one of the beautiful paradoxes this life has to offer.

Clearly there has to be some sort of right way. We can’t just allow people to do awful things to each other! Of course not, but it’s not really for you to decide or control the actions of other people. As a matter of fact, it is scientifically impossible.

I’m sure you’ve invested some time trying to make someone do something, or behave some way, because it would be better for everyone if they did, right? How’d that work out for you?

The more we push against what we don’t want, the stronger it gets. We have so many wars raging against the unwanted dangers of the world, and for some reason they just seem to be getting stronger and more prevalent. Maybe there’s a reason for this.

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction by now. In today’s New Age wave, these concepts are everywhere. I personally appreciate the very real scientific basis of spirituality, and the Law of Attraction.

Simply put, The Law of Attraction says; like vibrations attract like vibrations. Just like the Law of Gravity says; what goes up must come down. Have you ever thrown something up in the air, just to see if the Law of Gravity was going to be consistent today. Maybe it will float away this time? Probably not.

It’s interesting to note how little we understand The Law of Attraction. Whether you think about it or not it’s still working on your behalf, just like The Law of Gravity is holding you to this earth. Kind of nice to know right? Now if only we could figure out how use it to our advantage more often than not!

We’ve learned to work with the Law of Gravity, like when you have to fasten stuff to walls in order for it to stay. Sounds simple, but that is the Law of Gravity for you!

So, how do we work with The Law of attraction and more importantly, what does this have to do with everyone being right!?

Well, remember how the Law of Attraction talks about vibrations? This is a very important piece in understanding right and wrong. It’s is scientifically understood that our physical bodies and the world around us is constructed of 99.9999% space.

This means that you are just full of it! Full of vibrating energies, you can feel them in your emotions. When you get chills, when your scared, when your blood is pumping. That’s all vibrations you’re detecting through your senses. Pretty awesome right!?

That being said, right and wrong is a matter of personal preference. There is absolutely no cut and dry, black and white list of right and wrong. Everyone is personally oriented to their own perceptions for a very important reason.

We didn’t come her to figure out the one right way and then make everyone else live that way to. There really wouldn’t be that many of us here for such a miserable journey of conformity. We came to sort through the contrast and individually and selfishly decide what we prefer for ourselves and for the world at large.

No one else can see the world through your eyes, no one else knows the things you know, and no one else can ask for the things you desire. This world needs your unique preference!

You know what’s right for you because you can feel it, and if you can’t I highly recommend you remember how. This is the most important gift you were born with. The ability to guide yourself through life. It is something that we are lovingly taught away from as small children, for our own good of course.

Our parents and authority figures were always there to rigidly inform us of the right way to do things, the only problem is that it’s not MY right way that’s YOUR right way. When we shut down our own guidance, in order to behave accordingly we create a very uncomfortable split in ourselves.

We forget who we are, and what we want. We are forced to seek guidance in all the wrong places, and because everyone can not help but to be selfishly oriented, we are so often disappointed in the results.

When you’re told that this behavior is right but every bit of your guidance is screaming something else, you have two choices. You can either ignore yourself and suppress your emotions, or embrace yourself and follow your guidance. 

This is where the beautiful paradox jumps in. The only thing that stops you from following your own guidance is the fear of doing it wrong, and being judged for your failure.

So what really is right and wrong? Is it finding the people who have already figured it all out, and doing what they do? Or is it vibrational recognition that you are following your own way, the way that only you can see.

Is right something that someone else approves of, or is something that you approve of? Is it something you “should” do, or is something you are inspired to do? The only time we feel the need to convince someone else that our way is right, is when we doubt it ourselves. You aren’t really trying to convince anyone but you.

Wrong behavior doesn’t arise out of not being properly taught the difference between right and wrong, it arises out of being torn from your own guidance system. 

People systematically turn to destructive behavior when they are without themselves. It is in my opinion the root of all dis-ease. If you’re taught not to trust yourself, and instead rely on others for your guidance you are bound to live a life of hard work, sacrifice, discomfort and struggle.

Not because life is hard and there is so much wrong in the world, but because you can’t clearly feel all of the righteousness within you. When you’re stripped from yourself, the pain and discomfort can often be too much to bear. You’ll turn to anything to find relief from that misery.

All of the things that we punish and condemn people for in their wrongness, is all just a desperate attempt to feel the righteousness they lost track of so long ago. No one would ever behave so badly if they did not hurt so much inside. They don’t know what else to do, they’ve lost sight of what is right. Not because they don’t know the difference, but because they can’t feel it anymore.

The conditions of right and wrong are no longer important, it’s the resonance of right and wrong that we need to find our way back to. 

Honor this in others. You have no idea where they are in relationship to what they want, and you have no idea how they are going to get there. Their right way may look nothing like your right way, and if you do it for them all the time they will never realize the full potential of who they really are.

They will always need someone else to fill the void they have lost. 

Set your loved ones free, set yourself free. We are all in this together, not to conform to the right way but to individually find our own ways.

Stop shoulding on the world around you, and think about yourself! The only thing you have control over in this world is your one free will to focus. Invest your control wisely, ease up on the world around you and watch as the Law of Attraction responds accordingly.

With every blog we’re going to be delving deeper into realizing how things actually work around here, and becoming a more deliberate component in creating the life we want. You already have everything you need, I promise.

Until then, lighten up buttercup! Pay attention to how much you should on your world, and how much your world is shoulding on you. You might just take a different approach all by yourself.

Let me know in the comments if you are struggling with people in your environment, or if you yourself are struggling with self destructive habits you could just kick to the curb, and do things the right way! We’ve all got them, no need for juicy details, just a general acknowledgement will do.

Can’t wait for next week, see you there!

xo, Jayme

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Jayme Gunderson

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