20180318_140055_0001Between responsibilities and decisions, goals and deadlines, clients and loved ones it can all be a little overwhelming!

Let’s face it we get stressed out, even when we’re following our dreams and love what we do.

Honestly you’d go mad if you knew the amount of stuff your body and mind are dealing with.

Think about your cell phone, it keeps up with a massive amount of information.

Everything important to you is in there, photos, videos, your favorite apps, and so much more.

But, I bet you probably have a bunch of other crap in there too, like those apps you don’t use anymore and how about those 15 selfies that didn’t go quite right!?

When we start to get overloaded with information our body has a harder time keeping up.

Do yourself a favor, take a few minutes and allow your body to process some of this stuff!

They say stress is the number one killer in the world, linked to the six leading causes of death. That’s insane!

Breakdowns of communication in the body make things very uneasy and super stressful.

What if “stress” is just an indicator that we need to take a minute and catch up with ourselves!?

Every Friday we’ll tune in with Universal Health Principles™ and listen to what your body needs to process. 


It’s no secret that we work best when our bodies are connected and communicating.

That’s when we make excellent decisions, have great timing and end up in the right place at the right time.

Freedom Fridays is all about allowing the body to process stress and reconnect.

Feel the relief from overwhelm and anxiety, reconnect with your focus and clarity or, just cash in on a free weekly UHPgrade!

No matter what’s going on we can all use a reboot (even if you are handling it like a boss). Stay on top of your life, with #FreedomFridays

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xo – Jayme