Trust in yourself above all else…better late than never.


Trusting ourselves isn’t always easy to do, but why is that?

Let’s start by really understanding this word, Trust. It’s defined as a strong belief in ones reliability, truth and strength.

Reliability is the quality of being trustworthy, dependable and accurate.

Truth is fact or reality… indisputable in the state of things as they actually exist.

Strength is the power to perform physically demanding tasks, and the ability to withstand great force or pressure.

Trusting in yourself above all else is a strong belief in the ability to rely on your own truth and strength.This is where it starts to get really fun!

It’s also where I have to trust myself to not beat around the bush and avoid the touchy topics here. It’s undeniable that we are embarking on a new way of life for humanity as a whole. This pot is being stirred up in the most fantastically liberating ways.

There are new truths being revealed to us on the daily, it’s quite literally like living in a day and age when the world went from being flat to being round. We are more rapidly than ever before discovering more about ourselves and the very nature of reality.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore the world inside of you, where your truth and trust actually lives. Don’t be sacred, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I just know your gonna love it!

So here it is, the big whopper of a reality check!

This reality you believe to be so solid and real, is not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a lot of science behind this that I’d really not go into right now, but feel free to check out Nassim Haramein’s leading edge work on this topic and the Unified Field Theory. If you haven’t already, it may just blow your mind.

Basically, physical matter is more than just physical. It’s actually 99.9999% space, full of waves of vibrating energetic information. You’re made mostly out of space! This space informs the matter of what to do and how to do it, and you are the director of what of this activity. So, freakin exciting…unless you don’t know what you’re doing!

Don’t worry most people don’t, which is why they get scarred and run or fight for their limited sense of reality. This is the best part, we have never really explored our vibrational reality to this degree before. But we can’t continue to live with out it, quite literally our disconnect is killing us inside and out.

In order to trust yourself you have to care about yourself, and in order to care about yourself you have to care a hell of lot less about what other people think of you.

I hate to break it to you but, everyone in your life is selfishly oriented. No matter how wonderful or open minded the person is. They can’t help it, the only view they have is from inside themselves! Every opinion you get from an outside source is based on what’s best for them, not what’s best for you. They just have no other basis for opinions.

You are also selfishly oriented, and it’s a good thing! Because you’re the only one with the view from inside of you, and there’s a damn good reason for this. We are individuals on purpose, and have our own preferences in life based on this individuality. When we embrace this truth it set’s us free, when we disregard this truth it crushes us.

Everyone was born with a guidance system, a Super Human GPS right in your very wiring.

Most people weren’t taught how to use it, or even worse were taught to ignore it. You’re parents and loved ones care about you and feel responsible so they want to keep you safe. In doing so, they accidentally taught you to trust them over yourself.

Eventually you loose your sense of self and your inner guidance, becoming completely dependent on the outside world to tell you what to do. Talk about confusing. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind…and then wondering why they keep running into shit!

Misplaced trust is a path to fear, which is a path to the dark side.

Loosing trust in our own truth, in my opinion, is the root of all misery. When you don’t trust yourself, your body doesn’t trust you either. Your very cells begin to let you down. You feel unworthy, unloved, and left out…like you just don’t fit in anywhere.

Trust is something you gain from knowing who you really are. Being able to detect your truth and know your worth allows you the freedom to trust yourself above all else. When you discover the resonance with your inner guidance and the support it gives you, you will never again sacrifice yourself for another’s happiness.

Not because you don’t love and care for them, but because you finally understand that there happiness does not depend on you, just your’s doesn’t depend on them.

So how do you know if your trusting yourself, or someone else?

You can feel it! When you trust your own truth, it feels amazing. It feels like relief, if feels empowering. It resonates within you as expansion and ease. When you are trusting someone else’s path, it feels heavy and resistant. It feels like hard work and sacrifice, it feels scary…and just plain worse.

This doesn’t mean that either one of you are wrong, or right…see my past blog about that…it means that you have individual preferences and are selfishly oriented for the very impactful reason of seeing it a different way.

We didn’t come here to figure out the right way and then make everyone live accordingly. We came to sift and sort through the contrast, bringing life to new desires and trusting our ability to realize those desires. Life is meant to be fun, not rigid. Lighten up a little bit and let yourself trust you.

After all only you know where you stand in relationship to what you want. No one else can possibly know that for you.

Trusting someones else’s path over yours would be like being in Arizona and asking a guy in Chicago how he would get to California, that’s definitely not the easiest or most efficient path for you…why would you go that way!?

So get out there and start trusting yourself, do something you’ve never done before! Practice trust, and before long you will never doubt yourself your abilities or your opinion ever again!

Let me know in the comments bellow, Is it hard to trust yourself!? Who do you turn to for the big decisions!?


Be sure to join me for Monday’s Mission, a FREE BodyTalk Session and action challenge for you to implement in supporting your mission of deeper self trust and living the life you were born to love!

XO- Jayme

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