Finding simplicity in the complexity of life.

Let’s get one thing straight. My focus isn’t to save you or fix you, you don’t need it you’re not broken. I honestly don’t even care what you do with your life. As a matter of fact I think you should do absolutely anything you want, good bad or indifferent.

I don’t believe in identifying the bad things in life and then avoiding them. I know that we were born with the resources to boldly explore the contrast this life has to offer.

When you have access to your innate resources, you have the confidence and support to explore the world. When you’re lacking your resources, you feel incapable of venturing beyond your safe zone.

Fears, worries and doubts are an indication that you aren’t showing up with the full support of your resources. Half assing anything is a little scary. Not real sure how it’s gonna turn out, but let’s give it to go eh!? Just work hard and persevere!

Confidence, security and knowing are an indication that you are showing up for life, and it’s about to show up for you! You can feel that you have access to your resources. You are capable of whatever is coming. No need to avoid anything, “I’ve got this shit!”…can’t believe how perfectly that worked!

Based on years of experiential research with human physiological behavior and quantum physical understandings of reality, I’ve come to realize something.

Keep it simple stupid! There are a few things that you really should know about yourself and your reality and I’m tired of trying to explain it without really explaining it. So, I’m just going to lay it all out there!

You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.  If you don’t already know this, I’d be happy to elaborate some other time, but for now and arguments sake, stick with me here. Everything that is solid physical matter is also 99.9999% vibrational energy, its science (and spirit).

You have the ability to translate vibrations. Your five senses are constantly translating vibrational information into something tangible. When you hear, smell, feel, even taste and see something it is all a translation of vibrations.

When you were born, you were born with this energetic beingness. It’s all around you, encompassing you. People have given this recognition of “something bigger” lots and lots of different names.  Call it what you wanna call it, but there’s something there.

Imagine having the presence of this non-physical beingness, loving you unconditionally.

It knows the complete worthiness of you and everything you’re capable of.  It is so excited for you and your life, all the things you’ll learn and the person you’ll become. Not just because your special (even though you are) but because you are an extension of all that is. You are a part of the vibrational reality (call it what you wanna call it) experiencing itself through itself. Your perspective matters more than you know.

Children can feel this, that’s why they are so full of joy and wonder. All they want to do is play and explore and experience everything they come across. They feel safe, secure and supported.

Then they begin to grow up, and start to experience contrast. They start to become more, and expand. They don’t fully understand their emotions, and their parents don’t either so they tell them to behave themselves and knock it off. Be quite, and grow up, stop being such a child! You know, something along those lines.

Your parents lovingly teach you to follow them, which usually tends to contradict what you want to do. What your guidance is telling you. If you don’t there’s likely a price to pay. So you learn to not listen to yourself. You put yourself away so you can fit in and be accepted into society.

Then you start to feel lonely, and sad, left out, unloved and unworthy. Like you’re not good enough, or not supported. Not because of the conditions in your life, like we are led to believe, but because you put yourself away. You lost the biggest part of you.

Unfortunately your parents might even, unknowingly, make it worse by rewarding your good behavior and punishing the bad. You start to learn that you’re loved most when you do what other people want you to, and unloved when you don’t.

This also teaches you to treat others badly when they don’t behave the way you want them to.  It’s a pretty miserable cycle.

You spend the following years trying really hard to become the person you’re supposed to be so that you can find that feeling of worthiness, acceptance and love again! You behave, and dress and eat the way you should.

Hoping that finally when you achieve that ideal thing, you’ll feel the satisfaction your heart is so desperately longing for. Not realizing that what you are really searching for is the presence of you, all of you.

Every day that you live life, you experience contrast. You know what you don’t want, and without even asking for it, you know what you do want. In that moment something happens. Something that you have no control over, it happens so naturally you hardly even notice it. You actually expand vibrationally to include more about you than you had before.

When you’re mean, you want to be nicer. You expand to include that version of you. When you don’t have enough of something, you want more of it. You expand to include that version of you. This happens all day every day without you even doing anything except living, and discerning what you prefer.

This is where your guidance system comes in.

Everything in your body is a vibrational indicator of how much of your expansion you’re allowing yourself to realize in this moment.

You obviously have a physical body, but you also have a mental body, an emotional body and even an environmental body. Every single thing that you translate in your environment is a direct reflection of how much of you is showing up right now.

Your thoughts are a subtle translation of hearing. You don’t make thoughts, you receive them. They are a result of your relationship to yourself.  If you are allowing You to show up fully in this moment, you receive positive thoughts. If you’re not, you receive negative thoughts.

If you thoughts are representative of who you have become they feel light and inspiring. If they are representative of the old version of you they fell heavy, fearful and bad.  Your physical body and your environment are the same.

If you have tension, pain and dis-ease you’re resisting you, if you feel healthy and at ease you’re allowing all of you. If you are running into shitty people, you are showing up a shitty version of yourself. If you run into amazing people you are showing up an amazing version of yourself.

This is true always, and it’s a fantastic thing to have! Everything you translate is a reflection of you.

That’s why you shouldn’t avoid the negative discomfort as if it’s a bad thing. It’s not bad, it’s your best friend!

It’s trying to tell you that you aren’t receiving all that you are right now. It’s an indicator to pay very close attention to. Use it for your benefit, to deliberately do something about how you’re showing up, instead of using it as an excuse to settle for less than who you really are.

If you want your world to show up differently for you, you have to show up for it.

And for crying out loud, stop blaming it on anything else! Take your power back, and start being a responsible cooperative component in your own damn life.

This is what I mean by, embrace your potential! Realize what you’re made of, what you’ve done and what you’re doing. This is why I don’t care what you do with your life, just as long as you know that you’re the one doing it. It’s not for me to say.

I’m pretty sure that when you realize your role in all of this, you’ll just naturally stop creating your own damn misery and begin to cash in on the benefit of showing up.

So how do you do this, how do you “show up”. Well first you have to learn how to use your guidance system again. Figure out when you are showing up, and when you’re not. It also helps to sort out some of the crap you’ve collected that’s not representing who you’ve become.  Then you learn to tell the difference between contraction and expansion.

Every time you detect contraction, you know what it means. It means, I’m not showing up fully in this moment, how can I show up more fully? The opposite of contraction is expansion. So all I need to do is expand. How do I expand? Well, my lungs expand. What does expansion feel like? It feel lighter, it feels better. How can I feel lighter, how can I feel better? I can dance, I can play, I can laugh. It’s easy!

Stop letting the world determine how you are going to show up, and start showing up in spite of it.

Start showing up on purpose, and watch the world knock your socks right off!

I want you to live your own damn life, but on purpose, not by default. I want you to exercise your free will to focus productively in accordance with who you are, not just on any old thing they throw in your face.

I’ve always said, if you can take away a person’s ability to feel and bombard them with fear you can make them do anything. That’s how you get them to blindly follow each other wherever you point, because they no longer have the ability to see for themselves. It’s time to take off the blind fold and start living your life.

I promise there is a very simple process to showing up for you, and I would absolutely love to facilitate you in discovering it for yourself.  If this sounds at all intriguing to you, and you are ready to take off the blindfold.

I invite you to stop blindly following other people’s paths and start showing up for you, I invite you to join me in rediscovering who you really are.

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you more than you know.

Xo- Jayme

Published by

Jayme Gunderson

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