Mindful Massage

Your body does nothing without your mind, literally can’t function. So, it only makes sense to get your mind involved in making improvements in your body.

A Mindful Massage session is intended to focus the mind and body in actively resolving inner conflict that is at the root of creating symptomatic results.

Combining the physical application of a full body Massage with the inner communication of The BodyTalk System we allow the body to address stress and tension from the inside out.

This session is 60 minuets in length, beginning with the Cortices Technique and intentional breathing, leading into a full body massage. The massage is intended to enhance awareness, increase communication, circulation and allow the body to do what it does best, recover.

I don’t see your body as broken or part of the problem, instead I intentionally hold the space for your body to receive the well being that is natural. In allowing your body to become aware of the resistance that is creating symptoms, it can implement the solution that has already arose as a result.

Your body absolutely has the ability to heal itself, and maintain homeostasis. I am committed to facilitating the environment for you to thrive in.

The body will only take on the state of being the mind is willing to allow.

Understanding that the body is a result of the active focus within the mind, we can effectively shift focus and allow the body to embrace well being in a more efficient manner.

The Cortices Technique, as part of The BodyTalk System, is used to balance and synchronize the communication within the three brains.

The Head Brain is in charge of receiving and processing environmental information both internally and externally.

Ideally our head brain is clearly and effectively processing information in the most up to date manner.

Unfortunately, stress is the number one cause of communication breakdown with in the body and is a prevalent factor in most peoples lives. When our head brains become overwhelmed, it begins to blow circuits much like electricity of your house. Leaving you without access to different areas.

The Heart Brain is in responsible for holding the blue print of who you are.

There are so many people and so many external influences in the world it is important to have an internal code of who we are as individuals. Your heart remembers not only who you were born as but who life has caused you to become.

If you are lucky enough to have clarity in the core of your heart, you are likely to be living in alignment with your own truth. However that due to outside pressure on what is acceptable and what is right, it is likely that you have lost track of your own personal truth and are desperately trying to find the “right way” again.

Most people are, whether they realize it or not. When you are lacking alignment with the truth of your core, discomfort on all levels begins to arise.

The Gut Brain is in charge of making decisions and taking action. As in “gut decisions” and “trust your gut”.

When your head brain is clearly receiving and processing information, and is in accordance with the blueprint of your heart, the gut can make very easy and fantastic decision on the action to take supporting your highest good.

You begin to access an inner intelligence that guides your very cells. The more effectively your cells are communicating within you, the more clarity you have. You will have access to the resources within you, the very ones that give you inspiration and impulses.

When your mind and body are actively focused in the direction of easy functionality the results are improved well being on all levels.

When the solutions gain momentum, there is no room for problems.

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Published by

Jayme Gunderson

Coming Soon. Wholistic Lifeworks Facilitator, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist. Sessions available online or in person @ From Head to Toe Essentials 904 N Beeline Hwy Payson AZ 85541 Call for more info or to schedule an apt. #509.398.2154 #928.474.0700

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