Finding simplicity in the complexity of life.

Let’s get one thing straight. My focus isn’t to save you or fix you, you don’t need it you’re not broken. I honestly don’t even care what you do with your life. As a matter of fact I think you should do absolutely anything you want, good bad or indifferent.

I don’t believe in identifying the bad things in life and then avoiding them. I know that we were born with the resources to boldly explore the contrast this life has to offer.

When you have access to your innate resources, you have the confidence and support to explore the world. When you’re lacking your resources, you feel incapable of venturing beyond your safe zone.

Fears, worries and doubts are an indication that you aren’t showing up with the full support of your resources. Half assing anything is a little scary. Not real sure how it’s gonna turn out, but let’s give it to go eh!? Just work hard and persevere!

Confidence, security and knowing are an indication that you are showing up for life, and it’s about to show up for you! You can feel that you have access to your resources. You are capable of whatever is coming. No need to avoid anything, “I’ve got this shit!”…can’t believe how perfectly that worked!

Based on years of experiential research with human physiological behavior and quantum physical understandings of reality, I’ve come to realize something.

Keep it simple stupid! There are a few things that you really should know about yourself and your reality and I’m tired of trying to explain it without really explaining it. So, I’m just going to lay it all out there!

You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.  If you don’t already know this, I’d be happy to elaborate some other time, but for now and arguments sake, stick with me here. Everything that is solid physical matter is also 99.9999% vibrational energy, its science (and spirit).

You have the ability to translate vibrations. Your five senses are constantly translating vibrational information into something tangible. When you hear, smell, feel, even taste and see something it is all a translation of vibrations.

When you were born, you were born with this energetic beingness. It’s all around you, encompassing you. People have given this recognition of “something bigger” lots and lots of different names.  Call it what you wanna call it, but there’s something there.

Imagine having the presence of this non-physical beingness, loving you unconditionally.

It knows the complete worthiness of you and everything you’re capable of.  It is so excited for you and your life, all the things you’ll learn and the person you’ll become. Not just because your special (even though you are) but because you are an extension of all that is. You are a part of the vibrational reality (call it what you wanna call it) experiencing itself through itself. Your perspective matters more than you know.

Children can feel this, that’s why they are so full of joy and wonder. All they want to do is play and explore and experience everything they come across. They feel safe, secure and supported.

Then they begin to grow up, and start to experience contrast. They start to become more, and expand. They don’t fully understand their emotions, and their parents don’t either so they tell them to behave themselves and knock it off. Be quite, and grow up, stop being such a child! You know, something along those lines.

Your parents lovingly teach you to follow them, which usually tends to contradict what you want to do. What your guidance is telling you. If you don’t there’s likely a price to pay. So you learn to not listen to yourself. You put yourself away so you can fit in and be accepted into society.

Then you start to feel lonely, and sad, left out, unloved and unworthy. Like you’re not good enough, or not supported. Not because of the conditions in your life, like we are led to believe, but because you put yourself away. You lost the biggest part of you.

Unfortunately your parents might even, unknowingly, make it worse by rewarding your good behavior and punishing the bad. You start to learn that you’re loved most when you do what other people want you to, and unloved when you don’t.

This also teaches you to treat others badly when they don’t behave the way you want them to.  It’s a pretty miserable cycle.

You spend the following years trying really hard to become the person you’re supposed to be so that you can find that feeling of worthiness, acceptance and love again! You behave, and dress and eat the way you should.

Hoping that finally when you achieve that ideal thing, you’ll feel the satisfaction your heart is so desperately longing for. Not realizing that what you are really searching for is the presence of you, all of you.

Every day that you live life, you experience contrast. You know what you don’t want, and without even asking for it, you know what you do want. In that moment something happens. Something that you have no control over, it happens so naturally you hardly even notice it. You actually expand vibrationally to include more about you than you had before.

When you’re mean, you want to be nicer. You expand to include that version of you. When you don’t have enough of something, you want more of it. You expand to include that version of you. This happens all day every day without you even doing anything except living, and discerning what you prefer.

This is where your guidance system comes in.

Everything in your body is a vibrational indicator of how much of your expansion you’re allowing yourself to realize in this moment.

You obviously have a physical body, but you also have a mental body, an emotional body and even an environmental body. Every single thing that you translate in your environment is a direct reflection of how much of you is showing up right now.

Your thoughts are a subtle translation of hearing. You don’t make thoughts, you receive them. They are a result of your relationship to yourself.  If you are allowing You to show up fully in this moment, you receive positive thoughts. If you’re not, you receive negative thoughts.

If you thoughts are representative of who you have become they feel light and inspiring. If they are representative of the old version of you they fell heavy, fearful and bad.  Your physical body and your environment are the same.

If you have tension, pain and dis-ease you’re resisting you, if you feel healthy and at ease you’re allowing all of you. If you are running into shitty people, you are showing up a shitty version of yourself. If you run into amazing people you are showing up an amazing version of yourself.

This is true always, and it’s a fantastic thing to have! Everything you translate is a reflection of you.

That’s why you shouldn’t avoid the negative discomfort as if it’s a bad thing. It’s not bad, it’s your best friend!

It’s trying to tell you that you aren’t receiving all that you are right now. It’s an indicator to pay very close attention to. Use it for your benefit, to deliberately do something about how you’re showing up, instead of using it as an excuse to settle for less than who you really are.

If you want your world to show up differently for you, you have to show up for it.

And for crying out loud, stop blaming it on anything else! Take your power back, and start being a responsible cooperative component in your own damn life.

This is what I mean by, embrace your potential! Realize what you’re made of, what you’ve done and what you’re doing. This is why I don’t care what you do with your life, just as long as you know that you’re the one doing it. It’s not for me to say.

I’m pretty sure that when you realize your role in all of this, you’ll just naturally stop creating your own damn misery and begin to cash in on the benefit of showing up.

So how do you do this, how do you “show up”. Well first you have to learn how to use your guidance system again. Figure out when you are showing up, and when you’re not. It also helps to sort out some of the crap you’ve collected that’s not representing who you’ve become.  Then you learn to tell the difference between contraction and expansion.

Every time you detect contraction, you know what it means. It means, I’m not showing up fully in this moment, how can I show up more fully? The opposite of contraction is expansion. So all I need to do is expand. How do I expand? Well, my lungs expand. What does expansion feel like? It feel lighter, it feels better. How can I feel lighter, how can I feel better? I can dance, I can play, I can laugh. It’s easy!

Stop letting the world determine how you are going to show up, and start showing up in spite of it.

Start showing up on purpose, and watch the world knock your socks right off!

I want you to live your own damn life, but on purpose, not by default. I want you to exercise your free will to focus productively in accordance with who you are, not just on any old thing they throw in your face.

I’ve always said, if you can take away a person’s ability to feel and bombard them with fear you can make them do anything. That’s how you get them to blindly follow each other wherever you point, because they no longer have the ability to see for themselves. It’s time to take off the blind fold and start living your life.

I promise there is a very simple process to showing up for you, and I would absolutely love to facilitate you in discovering it for yourself.  If this sounds at all intriguing to you, and you are ready to take off the blindfold.

I invite you to stop blindly following other people’s paths and start showing up for you, I invite you to join me in rediscovering who you really are.

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you more than you know.

Xo- Jayme

NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS— Resolving Inner Conflict: Online BodyTalk Series


How you can benefit.

Do you want to feel better in some way!? Whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally. Do you get the sense that this just isn’t who you really are, even if you don’t know what that means.

Do you feel like somethings lacking in your life, but not quite sure what it is. So you just keep hustling and accomplishing and becoming, hoping to feel the satisfaction you are so powerfully seeking!?

Feel relief from the pains and struggle of life. Free yourself from overwhelming stress and anxiety and find your confidence and inner strength to boldly become who you’ve never been before. 

When your body’s communication is strong and fluent, your capabilities are limitless. When there’s active inner conflict, whether you are aware of it or not, it will show itself in every uncomfortable way possible. Just to get your attention.

Are you paying attention!? Do you even know what to pay attention to?

Your body is a massive network of life. Hundreds of thousands of cells are coordinating the most intricate functions of creation you couldn’t possibly even begin to understand. Thank goodness it’s not your job!

You have the ability to detect how well this is all going, but it’s something you were taught away from, and forgot how to use. So, in the mean time you have been doing your best to live the right way and power through the struggles of life.

Unknowingly collecting a bunch of unprocessed crap, creating stress on the body resulting in more compromised dysfunction. The cycle continues from here, unless you do something about it!

Are you ready to take your life back into your own hands, and actually realize your potential!?

We can break the cycle, and become the cooperative components we were born to be. You just have to learn how. The first step is sorting out all the BS you’ve accidentally collected through out your life that doesn’t support your truth, so you can have some sort of idea of who you are under there.

This life is a lot easier than we’ve made it out to be when you access the leverage you were born with. Join me in exploring an approach to wholeness you’ve not encountered yet. Let’s just keep it simple!

Questions!? Hit me up with anything you’ve got! With this leading edge awesomeness, there are definitely no dumb questions.

I’m 100% dedicated to you, and supporting your exploration of who you really are. Give yourself massive props for investing in yourself.

The work is already done, it’s time to cash in!

“I used to be so worried all the time, holding myself back out of fear, not knowing how to move forward. Now I feel safer and more at ease. I can’t hardly explain it, but it was amazing! I realized that my life wasn’t the problem, it was the way I was showing up. Now I truly feel comfortable in myself, and my life.” – Kara

What does an on-line BodyTalk Series look like?

Once you sign up, I’ll send you an intake form to get a clear idea of who you are and what you want to accomplish. We’ll build a clear foundation of where you are in relationship to where you want to be, allowing for a focused plan moving forward.

This series requires you to commit to 6 sessions over the course of three months in order to deliver you the most beneficial results possible. Like planting a seed, you don’t just give up before it sprouts you water and feed it until it finally pops it’s little head out and greets the world.

Because I’m showing up 100% for you in one on one sessions, you’ll always have my utmost support. There are limited spots available, allowing me to fully commit to each individual process.

These sessions are done through the universal matrix that connects us all, yes it really does work. I don’t fully understand how energy flows from a light switch to the light bulb, but it never stops me from flipping on the switch.

Just because you may not understand how it works, doesn’t mean you should miss out on the benefits.

Each session will performed individually just for you, then you’ll be e-mail all of the notes and information addressed in these session. You’ll always have full 24/7 access to me personally through e-mail, phone calls, Skype, whatever you need. I am here for you!

Through these sessions you’ll you begin to understand yourself more clearly, from why you have symptoms to the physiological behavior of your body. It’s amazing to me how little we know about the only thing we spend out entire lives with.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with anatomy and physiology though, my approach is definitely to keep it simple and expansive all at the same time!

This is by far some of my favorite work to do, it’s exciting leading edge awareness that I can not wait to share with you! I so much look forward to the work we can do together.

YES!! Sign me up!

“I just lost my husband, and felt crushed by grief. My body hurt, my heart hurt…I didn’t know what to do. Jayme helped me realize that it wasn’t just the loss of my husband I was grieving but the loss of myself. She has helped me to become a new version of me, and find myself again! I cam in with shoulder pain, and now have a whole new view on life. My pain is gone, and improving constantly in more ways than one.” -Barbara

Trust yourself and stop pissin’ on your dreams?

Welcome to Monday’s Mission, where it’s best to just let inspiration flow.


You’re the only one that can stand in your way, and you’re the only one who can get out of your own way!

So how do you know where you stand in relationship to where you wanna stand, are you even still standing!? Maybe you should sit down.

Every day you live life you experience contrast. The contrast gives you the opportunity to know more clearly what you don’t want and what you do want.

When you know this, you expand to include a broader perspective of both the wanted and unwanted. You become more because of it, wiser, stronger, smarter, etc…

Keeping up with that expanded perception allows you to cash in on the results. When you don’t keep up, you get to cash in on settling for less than who you really are.

If your beliefs on the inside don’t match your desires you’re just pissing on your own dreams wether you know it or not.

All the action you take from a piss poor perspective will wear you down and be incredibly frustrating!

Everything in our bodies is a feedback result of the relationship to who you really are. If you’re allowing the fullness of You the joy is almost overwhelming. If you’re only allowing a small part of you, its pretty lonely and miserable.

Unfortunately one of the most prevalant things I see is that people are either knowingly or unkowingly harboring some level of discomfort, but just keep shining it up with a smile in order to cope with “the way things are”.

The only reason things seem that way is because you wont allow yourself to realize what has actually become.

No matter how much you shine up a turd, it’s still a turd on the inside.

I really don’t care how you live your life. That’s the beauty of it being yours! I do think you might wanna know what you’re doing though. Once you realize what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing, you might have a different approach to life.

Today’s #modaysmission BodyTalk Link is focused on clearing out some confusion around who you really are and allowing you to feel safe enough to realize it.

We started with bringing in the Lymph Nodes of the body in processing out all the junk that isn’t jiving with the new and improved you, and is slowing up the process.

Because your mind and body are constantly exchanging information, bringing clarity through the lymphatic nodes will allow for new ideas and inspiration.

This improved function is joining up with balancing the stress thresholds within the body, allowing for the fight or flight system to find balance with rest and digest. 

As well as connecting to the adrenal glands, calming the overactive fear and protect responses. Allowing for a stronger sense of willpower in realizing your desires.

Because we’ve been taught that anything uncomfortable is bad. Our brains have learned how to protect us from this danger. The only problem is that this discomfort is the very thing that’s trying to save us.

Our symptoms aren’t so bad, they are our best friends. They let us know that a greater potential of us is waiting, and gently calling us forward. 

Follow me on Instagram @wholisticlifeworks as we dive deeper into trusting your own guidance and how to realize your potential.

Also please let me know what you think, and how you feel after this little session.

Xo- Jayme

Trust in yourself above all else…better late than never.


Trusting ourselves isn’t always easy to do, but why is that?

Let’s start by really understanding this word, Trust. It’s defined as a strong belief in ones reliability, truth and strength.

Reliability is the quality of being trustworthy, dependable and accurate.

Truth is fact or reality… indisputable in the state of things as they actually exist.

Strength is the power to perform physically demanding tasks, and the ability to withstand great force or pressure.

Trusting in yourself above all else is a strong belief in the ability to rely on your own truth and strength.This is where it starts to get really fun!

It’s also where I have to trust myself to not beat around the bush and avoid the touchy topics here. It’s undeniable that we are embarking on a new way of life for humanity as a whole. This pot is being stirred up in the most fantastically liberating ways.

There are new truths being revealed to us on the daily, it’s quite literally like living in a day and age when the world went from being flat to being round. We are more rapidly than ever before discovering more about ourselves and the very nature of reality.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore the world inside of you, where your truth and trust actually lives. Don’t be sacred, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I just know your gonna love it!

So here it is, the big whopper of a reality check!

This reality you believe to be so solid and real, is not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a lot of science behind this that I’d really not go into right now, but feel free to check out Nassim Haramein’s leading edge work on this topic and the Unified Field Theory. If you haven’t already, it may just blow your mind.

Basically, physical matter is more than just physical. It’s actually 99.9999% space, full of waves of vibrating energetic information. You’re made mostly out of space! This space informs the matter of what to do and how to do it, and you are the director of what of this activity. So, freakin exciting…unless you don’t know what you’re doing!

Don’t worry most people don’t, which is why they get scarred and run or fight for their limited sense of reality. This is the best part, we have never really explored our vibrational reality to this degree before. But we can’t continue to live with out it, quite literally our disconnect is killing us inside and out.

In order to trust yourself you have to care about yourself, and in order to care about yourself you have to care a hell of lot less about what other people think of you.

I hate to break it to you but, everyone in your life is selfishly oriented. No matter how wonderful or open minded the person is. They can’t help it, the only view they have is from inside themselves! Every opinion you get from an outside source is based on what’s best for them, not what’s best for you. They just have no other basis for opinions.

You are also selfishly oriented, and it’s a good thing! Because you’re the only one with the view from inside of you, and there’s a damn good reason for this. We are individuals on purpose, and have our own preferences in life based on this individuality. When we embrace this truth it set’s us free, when we disregard this truth it crushes us.

Everyone was born with a guidance system, a Super Human GPS right in your very wiring.

Most people weren’t taught how to use it, or even worse were taught to ignore it. You’re parents and loved ones care about you and feel responsible so they want to keep you safe. In doing so, they accidentally taught you to trust them over yourself.

Eventually you loose your sense of self and your inner guidance, becoming completely dependent on the outside world to tell you what to do. Talk about confusing. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind…and then wondering why they keep running into shit!

Misplaced trust is a path to fear, which is a path to the dark side.

Loosing trust in our own truth, in my opinion, is the root of all misery. When you don’t trust yourself, your body doesn’t trust you either. Your very cells begin to let you down. You feel unworthy, unloved, and left out…like you just don’t fit in anywhere.

Trust is something you gain from knowing who you really are. Being able to detect your truth and know your worth allows you the freedom to trust yourself above all else. When you discover the resonance with your inner guidance and the support it gives you, you will never again sacrifice yourself for another’s happiness.

Not because you don’t love and care for them, but because you finally understand that there happiness does not depend on you, just your’s doesn’t depend on them.

So how do you know if your trusting yourself, or someone else?

You can feel it! When you trust your own truth, it feels amazing. It feels like relief, if feels empowering. It resonates within you as expansion and ease. When you are trusting someone else’s path, it feels heavy and resistant. It feels like hard work and sacrifice, it feels scary…and just plain worse.

This doesn’t mean that either one of you are wrong, or right…see my past blog about that…it means that you have individual preferences and are selfishly oriented for the very impactful reason of seeing it a different way.

We didn’t come here to figure out the right way and then make everyone live accordingly. We came to sift and sort through the contrast, bringing life to new desires and trusting our ability to realize those desires. Life is meant to be fun, not rigid. Lighten up a little bit and let yourself trust you.

After all only you know where you stand in relationship to what you want. No one else can possibly know that for you.

Trusting someones else’s path over yours would be like being in Arizona and asking a guy in Chicago how he would get to California, that’s definitely not the easiest or most efficient path for you…why would you go that way!?

So get out there and start trusting yourself, do something you’ve never done before! Practice trust, and before long you will never doubt yourself your abilities or your opinion ever again!

Let me know in the comments bellow, Is it hard to trust yourself!? Who do you turn to for the big decisions!?


Be sure to join me for Monday’s Mission, a FREE BodyTalk Session and action challenge for you to implement in supporting your mission of deeper self trust and living the life you were born to love!

XO- Jayme

Wenesday’s Wisdom: Trust in yourself above all else.


“Look within, the answers are all inside.”

Have you heard people say things like this before!? They aren’t wrong, and it sounds good and all…but what does it really mean!?

This week, we are going to dive into what it means to be able to really trust yourself in a world full of noisy opinions.

Here’s the extra BONUS! Not only will you be able to trust yourself, but you wont feel bad for the decisions you make.

💎Who do you turn to when making decisions in your life?

💎Do you worry, and feel bad about how your decisions will affect other people or what they’ll think of you?

💎Do you feel like you don’t know what the crap to do sometimes!?

Tell me about it! No really, in the comments below. Lets shine some light on this pain in the butt.

Misplaced trust leads to fear…which leads to the dark side.😂 Really though, if you can’t trust yourself who can you trust?

Join me for #FREEDOMFRIDAYSBLOG to dig into these trust issues, come on we’ve all got ’em!

The harder you try, the harder it is.


With an amplified wave of self improvement sweeping the airwaves, the drive to become a bigger better version of yourself is strong.

We are working on ourselves like a mother trucker! All kinds of new exciting processes to get healthier and connect with your inner self are sgowing up in ways well, that we’re pretty much making up as we go!

It’s exciting times. Who wouldn’t want to better themselves, to become the greatest potential they can possibly be, and then some! More and more people seem to find themselves on a quest for inner greatness, at some degree.

Whether it’s staying healthy and active enough to enjoy the later years in life, or if it’s to conquer the world! We all have desires. I absolutely love seeing the “aha” moments when people realize those desires. It’s one of the best damn reasons I do what I do.

So here’s the thing that I’ve witnessed. In this quest to better oneself, there seems to be a varying degree of struggle involved. My clients will say things like, “I’m working on it.” or “I’m trying, but it’s hard.”

It’s ironic how the harder you try the harder it is.

Think about this. The version of you that you are right now, feels and behaves a certain way. While the version of you you’d like to become, feels and behaves a different way.

Imagine the current version of you for a moment. What do they do, what do they say, how do they act? Now, imagine the improved version of you. What does that version do or say? How does that person interact with others? You can feel the difference, can’t you?

You don’t even really have to know the details of how to be that version. How could you, you’ve never been there before!? You just have to know the direction your headed, and trust your innate intelligence to coordinate the resourcses to get you there.

When you have an active image of yourself in your mind, your body coordinates the resources within you to produce the results of that image. You’ve already felt the effects of that, just from imagining that version.

Your body is constantly responding to the focus of your mind.

When your minds image is of version less that what you really want, and you take action from that perspective, you only have the resources that support that version. The work is always harder with limited resources, and the struggle is real.

When you have an active image of the improved version of yourself, now you have access to the resources that support that version. Now your inspired to be that version, through your body. You literally begin to recieve different thoughts,  which leads to different actions, which leads to a new you!

Seriously, that’s some exciting sh*t right there! There is all kinds of evidence (that I don’t have references for, but that you can google) that support the evidence behind the powerful influence of observation. It’s science.

So, how are you supposed to act like you already are a version that you’re obviously not right now?

Well, that’s something you get to figure out, a way for you to line up with that version. Usually the easiest way is by how it feels. You can imagine what the improved version of you feels like right!? Feels fantastic, feels like relief, just plain feels better!

You can create and maintain the feeling of that version, without it even being here yet, and your body will begin to coordinate the resources to shift you in that direction. It may sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true. That’s the power of the Law of Attraction at it’s best!

The bonus here is that your work in this whole process is actually pretty easy. When you access the leverage of your deliverate focus, you really don’t have to know the deep dark inner workings of your body and mind, or how your goindg to become a new version.

Honestly it’s ALOT of information, that you will probably never really understand anyways. I don’t think we’re meant to.

We have an innate intelligence fot that,  it’s governing the inner workings of our bodies at a cellular level. It’s pretty capable of things and it’s got this! It is however subject to the environment we choose to focus on, being that we have free will and all.

All you have to know is what version are you showing up as today? You will always know by the way it feels. There are basically two feelings to pay attention to, feeling better and feeling worse. Call ’em what you wanna call ’em, but you have a say in which way it goes.

You are literally expanding into a version of yourself you’ve never been before. Your lungs can help you out here every time, they are the embodiment of expansion. As a matter of fact they kind of specialize in it, and would really love to show you what they can do!

Freedom Friday Follow Through: Pay attention to how you feel, and make it your deliberate intent to line up with feeling like the version you prefer.

It’s your superhuman sense to detect which version of you you’re showing up as the most.

If your feeling bad and heavy about the process, take it easy and lighten up. Your not feeling it yet. Feeling good about the process!? Do work, the resources are a pleanty!

All you have to know is that it feels better. From no matter where your standing, you always have the choice to shift focus and feel better.

Allow yourself to gain a new perspective from lightening up a bit. Take some exceptionally expansive deep breaths, dance around, sing at the top of your lungs, go for a walk, take a nap….something!

Line up with what you want and then act. Feel it inside of you first. Then, and only then will you have the leverage to change your life for good.

Tell me in the comments below, do you usually struggle with change or is it easy?

Do you feel overwhelmed, and sometimes even worse by trying to be a better person!?

We’ve all been there, or are there right now!

Join me for a brand new Monday’s Mission! I will be offering a very special Matrix LifeWorks Session to support you in more easily moving in the direction of your desired self!

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Xo – Jayme


You’re right…and I am also right!


In a world completely jam packed with diversity in options and opinions, it’s almost impossible to take someone else’s word on what the right way is. It’s one of the beautiful paradoxes this life has to offer.

Clearly there has to be some sort of right way. We can’t just allow people to do awful things to each other! Of course not, but it’s not really for you to decide or control the actions of other people. As a matter of fact, it is scientifically impossible.

I’m sure you’ve invested some time trying to make someone do something, or behave some way, because it would be better for everyone if they did, right? How’d that work out for you?

The more we push against what we don’t want, the stronger it gets. We have so many wars raging against the unwanted dangers of the world, and for some reason they just seem to be getting stronger and more prevalent. Maybe there’s a reason for this.

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction by now. In today’s New Age wave, these concepts are everywhere. I personally appreciate the very real scientific basis of spirituality, and the Law of Attraction.

Simply put, The Law of Attraction says; like vibrations attract like vibrations. Just like the Law of Gravity says; what goes up must come down. Have you ever thrown something up in the air, just to see if the Law of Gravity was going to be consistent today. Maybe it will float away this time? Probably not.

It’s interesting to note how little we understand The Law of Attraction. Whether you think about it or not it’s still working on your behalf, just like The Law of Gravity is holding you to this earth. Kind of nice to know right? Now if only we could figure out how use it to our advantage more often than not!

We’ve learned to work with the Law of Gravity, like when you have to fasten stuff to walls in order for it to stay. Sounds simple, but that is the Law of Gravity for you!

So, how do we work with The Law of attraction and more importantly, what does this have to do with everyone being right!?

Well, remember how the Law of Attraction talks about vibrations? This is a very important piece in understanding right and wrong. It’s is scientifically understood that our physical bodies and the world around us is constructed of 99.9999% space.

This means that you are just full of it! Full of vibrating energies, you can feel them in your emotions. When you get chills, when your scared, when your blood is pumping. That’s all vibrations you’re detecting through your senses. Pretty awesome right!?

That being said, right and wrong is a matter of personal preference. There is absolutely no cut and dry, black and white list of right and wrong. Everyone is personally oriented to their own perceptions for a very important reason.

We didn’t come her to figure out the one right way and then make everyone else live that way to. There really wouldn’t be that many of us here for such a miserable journey of conformity. We came to sort through the contrast and individually and selfishly decide what we prefer for ourselves and for the world at large.

No one else can see the world through your eyes, no one else knows the things you know, and no one else can ask for the things you desire. This world needs your unique preference!

You know what’s right for you because you can feel it, and if you can’t I highly recommend you remember how. This is the most important gift you were born with. The ability to guide yourself through life. It is something that we are lovingly taught away from as small children, for our own good of course.

Our parents and authority figures were always there to rigidly inform us of the right way to do things, the only problem is that it’s not MY right way that’s YOUR right way. When we shut down our own guidance, in order to behave accordingly we create a very uncomfortable split in ourselves.

We forget who we are, and what we want. We are forced to seek guidance in all the wrong places, and because everyone can not help but to be selfishly oriented, we are so often disappointed in the results.

When you’re told that this behavior is right but every bit of your guidance is screaming something else, you have two choices. You can either ignore yourself and suppress your emotions, or embrace yourself and follow your guidance. 

This is where the beautiful paradox jumps in. The only thing that stops you from following your own guidance is the fear of doing it wrong, and being judged for your failure.

So what really is right and wrong? Is it finding the people who have already figured it all out, and doing what they do? Or is it vibrational recognition that you are following your own way, the way that only you can see.

Is right something that someone else approves of, or is something that you approve of? Is it something you “should” do, or is something you are inspired to do? The only time we feel the need to convince someone else that our way is right, is when we doubt it ourselves. You aren’t really trying to convince anyone but you.

Wrong behavior doesn’t arise out of not being properly taught the difference between right and wrong, it arises out of being torn from your own guidance system. 

People systematically turn to destructive behavior when they are without themselves. It is in my opinion the root of all dis-ease. If you’re taught not to trust yourself, and instead rely on others for your guidance you are bound to live a life of hard work, sacrifice, discomfort and struggle.

Not because life is hard and there is so much wrong in the world, but because you can’t clearly feel all of the righteousness within you. When you’re stripped from yourself, the pain and discomfort can often be too much to bear. You’ll turn to anything to find relief from that misery.

All of the things that we punish and condemn people for in their wrongness, is all just a desperate attempt to feel the righteousness they lost track of so long ago. No one would ever behave so badly if they did not hurt so much inside. They don’t know what else to do, they’ve lost sight of what is right. Not because they don’t know the difference, but because they can’t feel it anymore.

The conditions of right and wrong are no longer important, it’s the resonance of right and wrong that we need to find our way back to. 

Honor this in others. You have no idea where they are in relationship to what they want, and you have no idea how they are going to get there. Their right way may look nothing like your right way, and if you do it for them all the time they will never realize the full potential of who they really are.

They will always need someone else to fill the void they have lost. 

Set your loved ones free, set yourself free. We are all in this together, not to conform to the right way but to individually find our own ways.

Stop shoulding on the world around you, and think about yourself! The only thing you have control over in this world is your one free will to focus. Invest your control wisely, ease up on the world around you and watch as the Law of Attraction responds accordingly.

With every blog we’re going to be delving deeper into realizing how things actually work around here, and becoming a more deliberate component in creating the life we want. You already have everything you need, I promise.

Until then, lighten up buttercup! Pay attention to how much you should on your world, and how much your world is shoulding on you. You might just take a different approach all by yourself.

Let me know in the comments if you are struggling with people in your environment, or if you yourself are struggling with self destructive habits you could just kick to the curb, and do things the right way! We’ve all got them, no need for juicy details, just a general acknowledgement will do.

Can’t wait for next week, see you there!

xo, Jayme