Wenesday’s Wisdom: Trust in yourself above all else.


“Look within, the answers are all inside.”

Have you heard people say things like this before!? They aren’t wrong, and it sounds good and all…but what does it really mean!?

This week, we are going to dive into what it means to be able to really trust yourself in a world full of noisy opinions.

Here’s the extra BONUS! Not only will you be able to trust yourself, but you wont feel bad for the decisions you make.

💎Who do you turn to when making decisions in your life?

💎Do you worry, and feel bad about how your decisions will affect other people or what they’ll think of you?

💎Do you feel like you don’t know what the crap to do sometimes!?

Tell me about it! No really, in the comments below. Lets shine some light on this pain in the butt.

Misplaced trust leads to fear…which leads to the dark side.😂 Really though, if you can’t trust yourself who can you trust?

Join me for #FREEDOMFRIDAYSBLOG to dig into these trust issues, come on we’ve all got ’em!

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